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Links to other Dreadlocks sites

This site has instructions for making dreadlocks, and a myths about dreadlocks page which is very helpful for dispelling myths that make a lot of people think dreadlocks are not for them.

This site has instructions for making dreadlocks and a myths about dreadlocks page, a section on washing dreadlocks and maintaining dreadlocks. They also have a dreadlocks history page.

Instructions for making dreadlocks, dreadlocks pictures, and links to a lot sites with dreadlocks info.

This site is full of dreadlocks information. They have dreadlocks pictures, dreadlocks history, dreadlocks products reviews, and methods for making dreadlocks.

This site offers detailed instructions for making dreadlocks. They have a guaranteed dreadlocks starter kit that has everything you need to make dreadlocks and a large dreadlocks pictures section.

This site specializes in locs products for people with highly textured hair. They have a loc cream and a loc shampoo. They also have instructions for making locs with a few different methods.

temporary dreadlocks kits kits for making temporary dreadlocks